Gov Brewer signs 2012 Arizona budget, $1.1 billion in cuts

“Brewer and GOP legislative leaders believe they’ll be able to keep the budget in balance throughout the coming year, instead of seeing it slip almost immediately into deficit, because they have balanced it structurally.

There are no tax increases and no new borrowing, although debt remains from previous years of borrowing.”

The most major cuts are $510 million inĀ  healthcare costs and about $420 million in education cuts, which is traditionally the largest area of spending in state budgets across the country,

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Illegal Immigrants Cost Arizona $2.7 Billion per Year

Arizona taxpayers are paying at least $2.7 billion per year because of illegals in their state.

$1.6 billion for education.

$695 million for health care.

$340 million for police and court costs.

… and on and on

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Study: Public school funding is out of control, now costs more than private schools!

Probably the largest single cost of local and sate government is in K-12 government education (public schools). It eats up around one third of all of their revenues.

To make matters worse, governments routinely fudge their education figures. This study found that costs are actually 44% higher than reported.

And the outrageous costs don’t stop there. When you take a cold hard look, the study found that public schools cost more than private schools!

Some example per pupil costs in the study:

NYC $26,900

Wash DC $22,400

Los Angeles $19,000

Chicago $15,875

HoustonĀ  $12,200

Phoenix $11,800

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Arizona budget mess, hot water boiling over

Arizona’s budget in 2011 was $4 billion, now the Gov has proposed a 8.9 bill budget! The deficit that still needs to be addressed is 1-2 billion. Go figure how estimates can vary by as much as 1 billion. This shows how out of control state budgets are around the country, as this is common in the US. Politicians can play around with numbers and intentionally over-estimate revenues, California being the prime example of phony balanced budgets.

One wonders what our universities are teaching in their economics and finance classes when all the “best and brightest” screw around with numbers and can’t be disciplined enough to spend less than they make. It’s an atrocious condemnation of our institutions of higher learning and political leadership.

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