Study: Public school funding is out of control, now costs more than private schools!

Probably the largest single cost of local and sate government is in K-12 government education (public schools). It eats up around one third of all of their revenues.

To make matters worse, governments routinely fudge their education figures. This study found that costs are actually 44% higher than reported.

And the outrageous costs don’t stop there. When you take a cold hard look, the study found that public schools cost more than private schools!

Some example per pupil costs in the study:

NYC $26,900

Wash DC $22,400

Los Angeles $19,000

Chicago $15,875

HoustonĀ  $12,200

Phoenix $11,800

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Chicago losing population rapidly. Down to levels of 100 years ago.

In just the last ten years Chicago’s population declined as follows:

29% of white population left!

18% of african-american population left!

But the hispanic population rose by 3%. How many are illegal aliens is not discussed in the article.

The city’s racial component is now about 1/3 white, 1/3 black and 1/3 hispanic.

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