Prosperity and Standards of Living: US vs Europe and Denmark

As politicians such as George Bush and Barack Obama have pushed for bigger and bigger government to mimic European countries and therefore drive us further into debt and into poor economic decisions, the European countries are desperately trying to reduce their government size and entitlements just to stay afloat. The European Union is destined to fall apart within a few years.

Left wing and progressive activists and economists (such as Paul Krugman) who idolize socialized democracies have little left in the real world to point to for examples of idealistic societies. These ideal societies are deteriorating and crumbling as we speak. The only thing left is for them to pretend otherwise, the facts don’t stand up to reality.

Who is more prosperous, America or Europe? Who has a higher standard of living, US or Denmark?

When Oprah had her idealistic society show in Denmark to cheer-lead for socialized democracies, she had an interesting time squeezing herself into a Dane’s bedroom, not to mention the rest of the very small house. I think her American audience was pretty turned off about this lifestyle. Although I’m sure many folks thought “for free or very little work, this stuff is pretty cool”, but that’s not the kind of thinking that made America great and the envy of the world.

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