“Anti-tax” GOP Georgia Governor keeps raising taxes and fees

Taxpayers who voted in “anti-tax” GOP Governor Sonny Perdue can only wish the former Democrats, who were more anti-tax, were now back in control.

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Georgia GOP pushes massive service-tax increase



Atlanta fastest growing metro area in US

Since the year 2000, the Atlanta metro area has grown a whopping 29%, more than any other metro area in the US. It is now the ninth largest metro area in the US.

For contrast, check out dwindling Chicago.

One reason why is because business has come to the Atlanta area. Their Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has been the busiest airport in the World since the year 2000! See any correlation with the above population boom?

One wonders why the current US administration has an obsession with trains. “Hello”, airplanes are faster and more efficient than trains. One wonders what century the administration is living in. Oh, I forgot, the administration wants the government and labor unions to run trains. Airlines are run by private businesses.

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Georgia 2011 Budget Balanced due to Bailout from US Govt

Georgia¬† has a balanced budget for the year, but only due to funds given by the US Govt (taxpayer bailout). US taxpayers gave Georgia $550 million. Too bad they couldn’t balance their own budget which totaled $17.9 billion.

They have a huge debt, though, $44.2 billion. A rather large problem.

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