US Ranks Horrible 28th in World in Government Financial Responsibility. Entitlements Unsustainable.

A new ranking has the US 28th among countries of the world. We rank worse than Mexico!

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Interesting video below of David Walker, former US Comptroller General, who says that Social Security is $38 Trillion under water, and that even when the economy recovers fully it will not resolve these problems, nor will trying to inflate our way out of this. The entitlement programs must be reformed! But politicians won’t fix them.



Study: Public school funding is out of control, now costs more than private schools!

Probably the largest single cost of local and sate government is in K-12 government education (public schools). It eats up around one third of all of their revenues.

To make matters worse, governments routinely fudge their education figures. This study found that costs are actually 44% higher than reported.

And the outrageous costs don’t stop there. When you take a cold hard look, the study found that public schools cost more than private schools!

Some example per pupil costs in the study:

NYC $26,900

Wash DC $22,400

Los Angeles $19,000

Chicago $15,875

Houston  $12,200

Phoenix $11,800

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Govt Union Contract will cause US Postal Service to run out of money in 2011

Why because it has to pay $5.5 billion per year to fund future retiree medical benefits!

Another extravagant promise they can’t keep to government union workers. They’re locked into these union deals and there’s no way out.

They will be asking for a bailout soon, from the taxpayer of course.

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Obama Admin admits obamacare too expensive, grants 700+ waivers

Yes, the list of waivers keeps growing, well over 700+ entities, including labor unions, have become exempt from obamacare because it’s too costly for these groups! The President’s people pick and choose winners and losers. Is this a law or political favoritism?

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NJ spends $20,000 per year to educate a child!

Why does it cost so much? Because it’s run by the government and govt union workers. These are government (so called “public”) schools.

NJ citizens could send their kids to private school for less, and get them a better education.

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Why do we have government run schools?

Why do we have government run schools? Just asking.

I don’t see it in the Constitution. Do you?

It seems like the government (“public”) school system is run by unions who are mostly out for more and more benefits for union members (teachers), and more political power for themselves.

What about our kids? And education?

As has been amply shown, higher benefits for union members don’t increase test scores or graduation rates. Unions don’t teach kids anything, they help keep kids trapped in sub-standard schools. It’s tragic.

30%  of amercian youth drop out of high school

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be Shut Down Now!

As documented on zreport, the bailout of these companies will cost taxpayers from $153 billion to $1 trillion.

Do you, the taxpayer, think it is right for you to have to subsidize their horrendous business practices?

You, who may only be paying rent or perhaps struggling to pay your own mortgage, are having to pay for other peoples’ mortgages and for the incompetent executive salaries and bonuses at these companies!

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