Calif: Over 102K criminal illegal aliens in jails. Up 17%. Average arrested 7 different times.

If that wasn’t bad enough, look at the costs: “California spends $34,000 to incarcerate a criminal alien for one year; in Texas, it’s only $12,000.”

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Illegal Aliens Cost California Citizens $10.5 Billion Every Year

“California’s illegal immigrant population is costing the state’s taxpayers more than $10.5 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration”

  • Free Education for Illegals: costs of K-12 schooling approximately $7.7 billion annually.
  • Free Health care: about $1.4 billion a year.
  • The cost of incarcerating illegal aliens: about $1.4 billion a year.

This is a report from 2004. Imagine how high the cost is now!

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Illegal Immigrants Cost Arizona $2.7 Billion per Year

Arizona taxpayers are paying at least $2.7 billion per year because of illegals in their state.

$1.6 billion for education.

$695 million for health care.

$340 million for police and court costs.

… and on and on

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Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year

Yes, it’s a staggering figure that we taxpayers pay for these illegal aliens. How can our governments afford this when they are virtually bankrupt. They can’t!

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Illegal Aliens in US total 12-23 million people

Aliens in this country illegally have reached an official figure of 12 million, but there are probably more like 23 million now in this country. This means that, at least, 1 of every 20 people you see on the streets is an illegal alien!

Amazingly the country stopped officially counting the numbers in 1981, and the census doesn’t count them.

Why should you care?

1) They are here ILLEGALLY. This means our government is not enforcing the law. Anyone who follows this subject knows why. It is a purely political calculation. It’s outrageous. Our politicians and government only pretend to enforce these immigration laws. We are governed by pretentious unethical people in both political parties.

2) Illegal immigrants are a huge cost to our economy and society. Many welfare benefits, schooling and free medical services are given to illegal aliens. These services are free to the illegal but cost us, the taxpayer, buckets of money. Our taxes pay for these services. The numbers are so vast, no one can really wrap their minds around how much this is costing us. Illegal aliens don’t pay us anything, yet you pay for these services for them! Many illegal aliens come to the US for the purpose of having children born here who then become instant American citizens; then our vast social services kick in for these “new citizens” and their families (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid).

At a time when our national budget and state budgets are so dysfunctional and essentially bankrupt we keep at it, giving free services to illegal and unethical people.

Why? Because our politicians are unethical. And, the root cause is that we keep electing the same unethical people to public office. It’s really our own fault for not paying attention and for not electing ethical representatives.

Please educate yourself and elect ethical people at all levels of government.

click here: Illegal Immigrants Cost Los Angeles County $1.6 billion per Year

click here: Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds

Illegal Immigrants Cost Los Angeles County $1.6 billion per Year

This is just one county in Calif !

1.6 billion paid by American taxpayers for ILLEGAL aliens and their families in one county.

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