Several States Seek to Limit Government Union Workers Collective Bargaining

It is already illegal for government union workers to collectively bargain in Virginia and Texas.

While the media has focused attention on Wisconsin, limits on government union worker collective bargaining have been introduced in several other states: Ohio, Tennessee, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa,  Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Washington.

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Indiana Democrats Flee State to Avoid Confronting Budget

It’s amazing what unethical politicians will do in order to avoid passing a balanced budget.

The democrats have fled to Illinois to avoid showing up for work and to avoid being picked up by state police. They’ve been in Illinois now for 4 weeks.


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Indiana Budget: 2011 falls short. $27+ billion in debt.

Indiana is currently working on its next two year budget for 2012-2014.

The last budget was $28.8 billion. However its projected income fell short by $957 million, so lawmakers cut $669 million. Nice try but they didn’t cut all $957 million.

Unfortunately the state has a debt of $27+ billion. You still have a long way to go fellas.

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