Mass. Mayors: govt union health care costs hurting basic public services

Massachusetts mayors are warning state lawmakers that government union worker health care costs are going to ruin local budgets for the foreseeable future and will have a negative impact on their ability to provide basic services such as police services and road repairs.

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Massachusetts $61.5 billion in debt, higher taxes and fees coming

Massachusetts has a state budget of $28 billion for 2011. It got a $700 million bailout from the federal government to try to help balance the budget.

It is estimated it will have a deficit of $2 billion in 2012 (obviously they don’t have a balanced budget). Gov. Patrick plans to balance the 2012 budget by raising taxes, and shuffling funds around (the legal, but unethical practice used by most state governments to “balance” their budgets while they pray for the economy to get better. California is the leading expert in this tactic.).

The state has a healthy debt of $61.5 billion. Get ready for more taxes, fees and borrowing.

About 66% of all state and local government workers belong to unions, which cripples their budgets with their hefty health care and pension benefits, not to mention their generous salaries.

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