Leaders are Supposed to Lead. Cut Entitlements. Gov Chris Christie.

Quit playing political games. It’s time to cut entitlements … time to balance budgets … time to man-up!

Time to reform social security, medicare and medicaid … he said it and he didn’t vaporize. The dude tells it like it is!



42% of Federal Budget for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid already absorb 42 percent of the federal budget. They are growing by an astounding rate of 7% of the budget every year!  Do the math yourself, how many years before they alone will engulf the entire budget? It calculates out to about 8-9 years. The entire economy would collapse before then as there would be no money for the Defense Dept, interest on the debt and all other government expenditures including paying salaries of government employees. Obviously unsustainable.

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