Florida Aims to Lead State Budget Cutting Firestorm

“Florida’s legislature Wednesday began a month’s debate on a series of budget cutting measures that could bring it into the cutback spotlight, part of the firestorm of state government shrinkage nationwide.”

Looks like Florida is planning to lead the way for other states to get their acts together.

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Ohio Passes Major Restraints on Govt Unions. Bigger than Wisconsin.

While Wisconsin was getting all the press, protests and outside attention, Ohio has gone forward with a new union restraint law that effects a much larger union government workforce than Wisc, 360,000 govt workers. This gives the state a shot and getting its budget under control.

“Ohio is far more important to the union movement. It has the nation’s sixth largest number of public sector union members, which is twice as many as Wisconsin.”

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US County files for Bankruptcy

Idaho’s Boise County filed for bankruptcy.

Insufficient funds to pay for obligations.

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Poll: Which state will go bankrupt first?

State pension plans are underfunded by $3.2 trillion

Yes, YOU, the collective taxpayer owes $3,200,000,000,000.00 to fund workers of the states. You, who probably don’t have a pension, are on the hook to pay for pensions of state workers!

Well, you elected the politicians who, along with union leaders, cooked up and agreed to this. Now, we all are on the hook!

What are you going to do about it?

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