NY to pass new budget, lots of cuts, no new taxes

NY Gov. Cuomo and state lawmakers agreed on a budget deal that would cut spending to close a $10 billion shortfall without new taxes or borrowing.

The $132.5 billion budget, will close as many as six prisons, and potentially result in the layoffs of 9,800 state workers.

The taxpayers of NY hope this account is true and await all the details.

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Detroit Population Crashes to Level of 100 Years Ago

Detroit’s population has crashed  25% in the past ten years to the level it was 100 years ago.

see similar situation in Chicago

This means, among other things, that people with money and therefore people who pay taxes won’t be around to tax anymore, making Detroit’s budget situation even more perilous.

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Miami Mayor Ousted in Recall Election for Raising Property Taxes.

He was a “republican” tax hiker!

Politicians of all parties better get it together!

Go Miami!

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Texas goes after Amazon for online sales taxes. Amazon to leave Texas.

Texas has demanded Amazon pay $269 million in uncollected sales taxes.

Amazon is fighting the tax bill and has announced it is closing its distribution center in Irving, Texas, and is also dropping expansion plans in the state which may cost the state 1,000 jobs.

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Illinois Now Taxes Online Sales. Amazon etc.

Illinois is now taxing its citizens for things they buy online. This will include when you buy from such companies as Amazon and other companies.

While the company must have affiliates in Illinois in order to qualify for the tax, most large companies do have affiliates and so you will likely be taxed.

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Massachusetts $61.5 billion in debt, higher taxes and fees coming

Massachusetts has a state budget of $28 billion for 2011. It got a $700 million bailout from the federal government to try to help balance the budget.

It is estimated it will have a deficit of $2 billion in 2012 (obviously they don’t have a balanced budget). Gov. Patrick plans to balance the 2012 budget by raising taxes, and shuffling funds around (the legal, but unethical practice used by most state governments to “balance” their budgets while they pray for the economy to get better. California is the leading expert in this tactic.).

The state has a healthy debt of $61.5 billion. Get ready for more taxes, fees and borrowing.

About 66% of all state and local government workers belong to unions, which cripples their budgets with their hefty health care and pension benefits, not to mention their generous salaries.

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“Anti-tax” GOP Georgia Governor keeps raising taxes and fees

Taxpayers who voted in “anti-tax” GOP Governor Sonny Perdue can only wish the former Democrats, who were more anti-tax, were now back in control.

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Georgia GOP pushes massive service-tax increase