45% of American Households Pay No Federal Income Taxes

“…American households not paying federal income taxes has also grown—to an estimated 45% in 2010…”

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In a poll, no group of Americans feel they are paying too little in taxes, even those people who pay no tax.

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Texas Medicaid Disaster. 1 in 6 Texans on Medicaid. $24.6 billion per year.

“The federal entitlement program with the insatiable appetite that Friedholm took over in late 1992 ate a total of $6.3 billion that year. In those years the Medicaid budget grew by about $1 billion a year. By 2009, the Medicaid hunger in Texas had grown by nearly four times to $24.6 billion, gobbling up a little more than one in every four dollars in the state budget.

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services projects the annual feeding frenzy to grow by about $3 billion in each of the next two years. Even if the Legislature passed a more austere budget for 2011-12, the percentage of state spending devoted to the health insurance program for the poor is expected to increase, albeit more slowly.”

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Several States Seek to Limit Government Union Workers Collective Bargaining

It is already illegal for government union workers to collectively bargain in Virginia and Texas.

While the media has focused attention on Wisconsin, limits on government union worker collective bargaining have been introduced in several other states: Ohio, Tennessee, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa,  Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Washington.

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Illegal Immigrants Cost Texas $4.7 Billion per Year

Illegal Immigrants Cost Texas more than $4.7 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration.

12% of school children in Texas, K-12, are illegal aliens. This cost alone is $4 billion per year.

To make matters worse, this study was done in 2005. Imagine what the costs are now!

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Texas: $27 billion budget deficit crisis

Texas now has $27 billion budget deficit crisis. Turns out Texas isn’t the economic miracle everyone thought it was.

What will they do about it?

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Most States have Budget Deficits. 10 Worst States.

Study shows that 44 states plus Wash DC expect budget deficits. In other words, they don’t have enough money to pay their bills.

Here are the 10 worst states in terms of deficits as a percentage of overall budget:

State  –  2012 Projected Shortfall  –  Shortfall as Percent of 2011 Budget
1    Nevada     $1.5 billion     45.2%
2    New Jersey     $10.5 billion     37.4%
3    Texas     $13.4 billion     31.5%
4    California      $25.4 billion     29.3%
5    Oregon      $1.8 billion     25%
6    Minnesota     $3.8 billion     23.6%
7    Louisiana     $1.6 billion     20.7%
8    New York     $10.0 billion     18.7%
9    Connecticut     $3.2 billion     18%
10    South Carolina     $877 million     17.4%

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Texas goes after Amazon for online sales taxes. Amazon to leave Texas.

Texas has demanded Amazon pay $269 million in uncollected sales taxes.

Amazon is fighting the tax bill and has announced it is closing its distribution center in Irving, Texas, and is also dropping expansion plans in the state which may cost the state 1,000 jobs.

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