Several States Seek to Limit Government Union Workers Collective Bargaining

It is already illegal for government union workers to collectively bargain in Virginia and Texas.

While the media has focused attention on Wisconsin, limits on government union worker collective bargaining have been introduced in several other states: Ohio, Tennessee, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa,  Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Washington.

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Update: Washington State Budget Now $5.1 Billion in the Hole

Yep, it’s getting worse and worse. Washington State Budget Now $5.1 Billion in the Hole.

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Washington State has $1.1 billion shortfall, $30.5 bill total debt

Washington State not only has a $1.1 billion shortfall in their current budget, but an outlook of about $3 billion for their next 2 year budget. It also has $30.5 billion total debt. About 56% of local and state employees are in government unions. It is in big trouble.

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